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Durham, NC



If you are contacting me for spell work, first you need

to call the shop and make a

Consultation Appointment.

I charge $40 (paid in advance) for a consultation.

During that appointment, we will talk on the phone and go

over your situation in detail. Any divination I might do

during our appointment is covered by that appointment fee.  

Some people are not comfortable on the phone.

However, please realize that the telephone is a much

faster way to handle things. We can trade dozens of

emails, over a period of days, or we can spend 20 minutes

on the phone. Your choice. 

(919) 321-6968      -   local number for the shop, or

(877) 247-4755  -   toll free. 

(919) 321-0352      -   our FAX number



We have new hours!

We're now open

Tuesday - Saturday,

from 12 Noon until 7pm.

(This is effective immediately)







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  • "Magus helped me so much. He gave me detailed instructions on what to do and how to do it. Now I feel I can safely perform magik again.i would seriously recommend Magus to anyone."
  • "She [another student] thought I would like [the NM course], so I signed up as well. All in all, I have enjoyed the lessons and learning. My favorite may always be the Witch Bott..."
    Nascent Magician Student
  • "Magus at Thaumaturgy 777 provided me with a detailed and thoughtful analysis of my daughter's astrology chart. The manner in which he presented the material was cohesive and ac..."
    High Priestess serving local pagan community

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