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Quotes The Nascent Magician course is a challenging, fun and thorough course in the basics of magickal practice, with emphasis on learning by doing. The community of fellow students is a great bonus. It's a great course for anyone seriously interested in magickal practice. Quotes
Lind M.
Nascent Magician student

Quotes Magus has an incredible gift to cut through the BS and help his clients effect real change in their lives. He uses his training,experience, and such tools as astrology, tarot and dice to pinpoint problems, and with insight and compassion guides the client to change his or her own life. If you really want to change something in your life, I unreservedly recommend his coaching. Quotes
L. Meyers

Quotes While he says some lovely things about my services, Magus is among the best. Conjure Coaching isn't just's so much more. I highly recommend his services. Quotes
Carrie Mikell Leitch
More than just divination...

Quotes I've met very few readers that are able to be as thorough as Magus is able to do. He pulls from different methods of divination and quickly gets to the heart of the matter. He is also honest with people, without being mean or syrupy. I trust him with my business and with the personal issues I shared. Very highly recommended! Quotes
Laurie Romano

Quotes Thank you to Magus for an amazing reading! Before your reading I felt stuck in my career path and now I have so much clarity. My path and my purpose are so clear to me now and I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can't thank you enough for helping me to gain some perspective on something that's been bothering me for months! I can't wait to work with you again in the future 😊💗 Quotes

Quotes He may not tell you what you want to hear, but Magus tells you the facts as he sees them. In my case it was a spot on reading that came with some excellent advice. Rock on! Quotes

Quotes Too many compliments, too little space! Thanks! Quotes
Too many compliments!

Quotes Thanks everyone above for sharing your experiences that helped me decide to pursue a reading with Magus. I'm so glad I did! I just got off the computer and want to encourage folks to be in touch with him for readings and other services. He used a variety of tools within the reading in a very fluid and synergistic way. I have had a variety of other people look at my natal chart before, but how he used it to start off and ground the rest of the reading and make the reading itself useful for my temperament and constitution to take in and take away from, was very unique in my experience, and extremely helpful! Aside from his intuitive skills, as a counselor he is encouraging, nonjudgmental and made me feel heard and resourced. Sometimes when someone else does divination or counseling for me I get carried away and spun-out in tangents and details, and instead I feel grounded and like I have a clear and very do-able set of actions to take. Thanks so much! Quotes
Sarah F.

Quotes I'm thanking Magus for an excellent, insightful, detailed, and honest reading. He went through my natal chart for the year and made it clear that he really knows his stuff. I'm looking forward to putting this knowledge to good use. Thank you very much! Quotes

Quotes I just did a Skype consultation with Magus and he did a tarot reading and my birth chart and today we had a coaching session and the reading was very accurate as well and he is a very friendly, kind but still surgically focused person to work with, I recommend his work wholeheartedly. Quotes
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