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To order from us, you need to have a PayPal account, but PayPal is FREE. They accept ALL major credit Cards, so you just sign up and enter your card number. It will NOT cost you anything extra to use PayPal. 

The T-777 Online Magickal Shop is an occult supply shop, where practitioners of the arcane arts can purchase incense, herbs, candles, bath mixes, teas, magickal oils, tarot cards, pendulums, incense burners, charcoal, jewelry, books and much more. 

Use the button menu, the search engine and the sort menu at the top of each page to find what you are looking for. If there is something we don't carry, please drop us an email and let us know, so we can stock it for you ;)

Please provide a phone number, so we can reach you. Bookmark this website, so you can find us again later! 


All Altar Cloths Amulets & Talismans Art by Kate Athames & Daggers Audio CDs Bath Cards Bath Mixes Bells Books, New Books, Used Boxes Candle Holders Candles Cauldrons Chalices Charcoal & Accessories Clothing Crystals & Stones Divine Connections Candles Doc Outlaw Gift Certificates Herbs Incense Blends Incense Burners & Censers Jewelry Liniments Magickal Tools Misc. Items Mortar & Pestles Offering Bowls Oils Oil Lamps Pendulums Powders Premium Blends Resins & Natural Incense Sister Sarah Skrying Devices Smudging Tools Soaps Special Items Statuary T-777 Custom Talismans & Amulets Tarot Decks Teas Tote Bags Truely Unique Wall Hangings Cloak Alley Wands Waters
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  • "The "sleepies" tea is absolutely wonderful! From my experience with herbs, I can see that these are high quality ingredients. This blend helps me relax better than any store bra..."
    Patricia G.
    herbal remedy enthusiast
  • "I am completely satisfied with the coursework thus far(up to Lesson 4) and I plan to continue with the rest of the course. Magus' presentation of the material is very clear and..."
    Student of The Nascent Magician Course
  • "Magus helped me so much. He gave me detailed instructions on what to do and how to do it. Now I feel I can safely perform magik again.i would seriously recommend Magus to anyone."

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