A Full-Service, Conjure Supply House

A Full-Service, Conjure Supply House


The Nascent Magician

a correspondence course in magick


This is a complete, online course on the art of magick. It's your opportunity to experience the mysteries at home, at your own pace. The Nascent Magician magick course is your own, personal, school of training. 

  You'll have access to both private mentorship and group support with this course. I'm personally available for your questions, to help you and assist you in learning the skills and techniques of magick. You can email questions to me, or set up an appointment to meet in-person with me, or by phone or Skype. 

   This course is for dedicated students only. The work will require at least 1 hour per day of your time to do all the work that is in the lessons. If you are not willing to set that time aside, then don't waste your time and your money. Sincere seekers only. 


Each lesson is at least 2 weeks of work.  

There are 12 lessons.

* There are 2 types of students for this course *


1) Survey Students - for those who want to study the lessons and nothing more. For Survey Students, the only cost is the price of the lessons.  


2) Graduate Students - for those who want to receive a diploma, there are tests to be passed and there are some required purchases.


There are 12 lessons, so there are 12 tests, 

plus a Final Exam. 


   Each test is at least 40 questions in length. They are multiple choice, True/False, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and brief essay questions.


   You will be emailed the .pdf files for the lessons, so please make sure you have Adobe Reader (or an equivalent program to read .pdf files) installed on your computer. Adobe Reader is completely free and very easy to download. Get it here: Adobe Reader


   Make sure you add our email address to your contacts. Sometimes, I email the first lesson to a brand new student and it goes to their spam folder. Prevent this by simply adding thaumaturgy777@gmail.com to your email contacts or your "safe" folder. 


   Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of the material. If it hasn't arrived within 48 hrs, don't panic. Check your spam folder. Or, I might just be very busy. But if it still has not arrived within 48 hrs, call the shop and ask for me. We will get it sorted out. It's rare that there are problems, but they do happen, sometimes. So, be patient, but also be persistent. 


   Each lesson is designed to be at least two weeks of work. However, it's perfectly alright to take longer than two weeks to finish the lessons; most people do. 

   This course is self-paced. However, you cannot be inactive for more than 2 years at a time.  If you don't turn in any work or take a test in 6 months, you will be marked as Inactive. If you don't turn in anything for 2 years, you'll be marked as Failed. If you are getting close to the point of being marked inactive, you can just pick a small homework assignment and turn it in, to stay in good standing. 


   The course is white and gray magick only, no black magick. See the testimonials page for comments from students who are taking the course and benefitting from it. 


   You will receive all the course material via email, in the form of PDFs. You'll get a .zip file emailed to you. You double-click on that (it's called a decompress, if you want to be technical) and there will be a folder, with all the lesson materials in it.


   The lessons are about 40-60 pages each (at 16 point type, for readability). There are worksheets that you can print out to practice your homework assignments and there are tons of resources to help you. 

   There is a recommended reading list, lots of ritual work, meditation, magickal theory, practical exercises, ESP training, practical magickal workings and spells, spiritual defense techniques, astrology, practice tests and much more. 


Serious students only, please. This course is not for casual, armchair occultists or fluffy bunnies. This is for people who want to learn how to do real magick. 

   That being said, no previous experience is necessary. You don't have to know anything at all, to get started. But you will absolutely need a fervent desire to learn the art of magick, because you are going to actually work for this. You're going to work quite hard at this, indeed. But then, nothing worth actually doing is easy, is it? 


   Please do not write me a single sentence email, saying something to the effect of "I want to learn magick" or "I want to be a witch". I get dozens of these and those people invariably (seriously, 100% of the time) never do anything more. They didn't bother to read the words that you are reading right now and that says "sloppy thinking". Sloppy thinkers make poor magicians. 


   If you are serious, then you will just get started. My best students are always the ones who talk less and work more. Work the lessons, do the homework, do the ritual work and contact me when you have questions, or when you are ready to test. Those who succeed are those who just get started and adjust, along the way. 

You need to know in advance that The Nascent Magician course is very eclectic. This is not a Wicca course. It is not an OTO or Thelemic study program, nor is it a Golden Dawn, Voodoo course or anything that specificThis is a mix of Ceremonial MagickPagan Magick and Hoodoo Conjure   I don't teach "traditional Wicca". I also don't teach strict Golden Dawn methods or confine myself to traditional Hoodoo only. 


   You can be of any religion and do this course, in my opinion. However, you cannot harbor any serious resentments against any religion and still do this. In the NM course, we use symbolism that is Pagan, Christian, Jewish and basically anything that works. This course is heaviest on the Ceremonial magick. There is also a ton of Hoodoo and Pagan spellcraft. 

   My reasoning is that if you properly understand and can effectively practice Ceremonial, then Pagan spells and Hoodoo spells will present you no problem! Ceremonial is the tough stuff. It's not "better", per se. But if you can follow it and be good at it, then any other work you do is going to be most excellent.

    The old grimoires are usually what you would call Ceremonial Magick and modern Golden Dawn, Wicca and Hoodoo all spring from these sources. So, you will want to be well-grounded in these and this course will give you the preparatory skills you need, for working with the grimoires. 

What is covered


* Magick in Theory

* Magick in Practice 

* How to plan out and execute a spell, from start to finish 

* The Magickal Elements 

* Astrology  

* Mystical Qabalah (as opposed to religious Kabbalah) 

* How to make and consecrate Talismans & Amulets

* Candle magick 

Effective Prayer

* Money & financial magick

* Alleviating personal Karma (not ditching it, but dealing with it)

* Uncrossing (removing "crossed condition, jinxes, curses, etc) 

* How to make and use Holy Water 

* Learn to banish negative energy and hostile Spirits. 

* How to set up your altar... and what to do with it, when you get there

*Psychic self-defense

* Learn to prepare and utilize a space for ritual

* Working with the phases of the Moon 

* Making magickal tools  

* How to care for, and store your ritual tools 

* Keeping a magickal diary 

* How to keep a dream diary 

* Ritual work for all aspects of your practice:

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram 

The Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram

The Middle Pillar 

The Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram 

The Rite of Elemental Equilibration 

Psychic shielding techniques

The Relaxation Ritual

Ritual baths

Daily adorations to help you attune with Deity

Meal blessings

Spirit offerings... 


... and much more 


* Vibratory formula explained

 * Protection spells

 * Properly word magickal intentions, to avoid spell failures and backfires 

 * Working with Angels & Spirits

 * Working with Deities  

 * Understand the differences between Low Magick & High Magick

 * Know the differences between Ceremonial Magick & Natural Magick

 * Meditation 

 * Visualization exercises

 * Relaxation exercises

 * Suggested readings

 * Hoodoo practices:





Spiritual cleansing



Mojo hands (aka mojo bags, gris gris)


and more 


* How to use herbs & incenses

 * Stones, crystals and gems

 * Understand and create Spirit sigils

 * The use of color in ritual 

 * Exercises to help you gain better control over your:









Diet & Health 

Relationships with others 


* Exercises to help your visualization skills 

* How to choose a magickal name/motto

          and... what NOT to choose! 

* Planetary Kameas & Hierarchies

* Divination:




   Pendulum work



            and more 



* ESP training

* Magickal languages

* How to calculate planetary hours

* Timing and planning your spells, for maximum efficiency 

* Consecration of tarot decks, dice & other tools, for divination

* Sacred Geometry 

* How to construct spiritual "servitors" 

What to look for in magickal organizations & groups

What to avoid in magickal organizations & groups

           and much more. 


 Private, online, student community:


  You will have access to a private, Google Plus Community that's called The Nascent Magician Student Forum. It is for students only, so you can privately ask questions, share experiences, compare notes and even quiz each other, with privacy from anyone who is not also taking the course. As a student, you have access to this exclusive community. Non-student applicants will be denied entry to the group. 


Being part of the online community is not mandatory but it's definitely highly recommended. It's a great opportunity for you to get to know other students, share experiences and ask questions related to the work.


Course Requirements


* You must be at least 18 years of age, or you must have written permission from your parents and I will ask to see some proof that they are OK with you participating in the course. Please do not test me on that. 


* You will need time to practice. 1 to 2 hours daily is recommended. If you can't put in at least 30 minutes a day, then you would be wise to try and free up your schedule first, then come back to this. The less time you put in, the slower your progress will be, which is fine; I just want you to be aware of the time commitment. 

The course is entirely self-paced, so your pace is your pace. That's fine. Just know that you will need time to do it right.


* A space for your ritual work is needed. You don't have to have a permanent, dedicated space but you do need someplace you can set up an altar, burn candles and incense and do ritual work, undisturbed. It doesn't need to be large, only private. 

   Even a 4ft by 4ft area can work, if you want it badly enough. But you will have to be able to burn incense and candles and make some sounds, however quiet. More importantly, you have to be able to remain undisturbed for your work. 

   I had a person ask me if someone in prison could do the course. I had to answer "No. At least, not the bulk of it". They could do portions of the work and those things would be useful to them, for certain. But a prison won't let you burn candles or incense and so therefore, a person who is incarcerated would be severely limited in what they could do with this course material. This course is both theory and PRACTICE!


        There are personal situations that each individual must work out for themselves. You could maybe gain access to a separate location to practice but you would still need to be able to store your materials somewhere.  Whatever your individual blockages are, you will have to work that out. It doesn't take much, just a place where you can burn candles and incense, say prayers and incantations (out loud) and be undisturbed for an hour or two at a time. If you don't have that, then your first move is to make that happen.

You may want to think of the securing of the time, the funds and the space to do the course, as being your first magickal acts.  


* You will need a bit of disposable income to purchase materials, such as candles, incense, herbs, art & craft materials to make things, etc. It shouldn't break the bank but allot at least $10 for each lesson, since there will be things you need to gather to execute the work. 

For Graduate Program students, this is required. For Survey Students, it is merely recommended. 


I am very available to students who are committed to getting started, but I don't have time to answer questions from "window shoppers".

  If you have a few questions before you get started, that's perfectly understandable. I will be glad to answer your concerns, to the best of my ability. But I will say that I have noticed (time and time again) that the people who ask the most questions (as in, over 5 questions), never actually do anything. They ask question after question and never get started. 

No matter what I say in response to their inquiries, they will fault find and create an excuse not to do the course. 

Guess what... you don't need an excuse not to take this course! Just don't take it! Seriously, it's your life. You will not get any kind of hard sell from me.


I tell people "Take it... or leave it"

The people who really are determined to learn magick will do the work, whether they study with me, or with someone else. These people rarely ask more than 3 questions, before getting started. This is a very real statistic that I have taken note of. 


Purchase The Nascent Magician Course Here:

Phone Number




How It Works


Many students will desire to have some sort of viable proof that they have indeed undertaken the work that is involved. This is perfectly natural and healthy. In the same fashion that a college student wants a degree certificate to help them prove their status, a diploma can be a useful tool to show how you have satisfactorily completed a regimen of hard work in the area of magick. 

   On the other hand, many students will only desire the material for intellectual reasons, rather than practical. Some will want to do part of the work but not all of it. Still others will not want to be bothered with turning in assignments and taking tests, despite the fact that they do the work on their own. 

   All of these approaches are valid and none is any more correct than another. Therefore, I have designed a compromise that should satisfy all the diverse types of students. 


If you DO NOT want to turn in homework and take tests, then you will be a SURVEY STUDENT.


   This is just like surveying a college course, you take part in the course, but you don't receive official credit and nobody asks you for any homework. The class does not affect your GPA. You can take the tests if you want, but you don't have to. 


   But if you decide that you do want to turn in the homework for this course and take the tests (for official credit), then you would become part of the Nascent Magician Graduate Program. You would then turn in homework, have it graded and take tests, etc. You would then be referred to as a






   Not all students who take the Nascent Magician course have to be a part of the Graduate Program! Anyone may purchase the course and read the lessons and use them... or not use them.


   Don’t want to take tests? Fine. Don’t take them. You just won't get a diploma. If that's not a problem for you, then just be a Survey Student. It’s not a problem for me, either way. Choose whatever method works for you.


   However, for the intrepid students, those who desire a deeper level of commitment to the Great Work, I have devised a system of testing that will enable me to grade your homework and you can receive a pass/fail grade.


   Those who satisfactorily complete all the homework assignments and pass all the tests will be awarded a diploma.  You may take as long as you need, to complete each lesson. However... if you have not made any progress in 6 months (meaning you have not turned in any homework or made an attempt at passing a test), then you will be marked as being INACTIVE


   If you have not made any progress within a period of 2 years from the date you purchased the course, you will be marked as FAILED


   If there is some, special hardship, you may plead your case. I'm pretty understanding, but you can only receive an extension once. You will have officially passed a lesson when you have:


  • turned in all homework and received a passing grade. 
  • passed the written and practical exam for that lesson.
  • made all required purchases for the given lesson. 

   All supply purchases must be made from Thaumaturgy 777 to be credited. You can see the graduate program is a much more demanding route to take. It's a commitment on the part of the student, a declaration of your devotion to mastering the art of magick. This will not be for everyone. If it’s not for you, that’s OK. 

   The Graduate Program is difficult and demanding and it's supposed to be that way. However, no one will be required to participate, it’s for those who choose to participate.

   Members of the Graduate Program will be assigned a student number and “level”. The levels will reflect what lesson you have currently completed.

   If you are deemed to have completed a lesson, it means that all three of the above criteria have been met. It means that I have personally signed off on you and you have received a certificate for that lesson. 

   The levels are 1-12 and are named for the signs of the zodiac, beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces. 


Lesson 1 -  Aries

Lesson 2 - Taurus

Lesson 3 - Gemini

Lesson 4 - Cancer

Lesson 5 -  Leo

Lesson 6 -  Virgo

Lesson 7 - Libra

Lesson 8 -  Scorpio

Lesson 9 -  Sagittarius

Lesson 10 -  Capricorn

Lesson 11 - Aquarius

Lesson 12 -  Pisces

   For example, a student who has turned in and received full credit for everything in lessons 1, 2 and 3 and passed all tests for those lessons, would have the level of Gemini.

   Once that student has successfully passed the test for Lesson 4 and they have gotten full credit for all the Lesson 4 homework, their level would rise to Cancer. And so on it goes, until they complete the course.


   Only those who attain and pass the level of Pisces, Lesson 12, will receive a diploma for the course. A new student, who has not yet passed any tests, will have a student number, but no other signification.

   Because of the distance nature of this course and because of my rather jaded, lack of confidence in the “honor system” for this kind of endeavor, there will be a few stringent requirements for Graduate Program students, and they will be rather strict requirements indeed. I will make no apologies about this.

Requirements for (distance) graduate students


  • You must have access to the internet.
  • You will also need a digital camera of some sort, so you can take pictures of your homework and send them to me. Any kind of camera is fine, so long as you can email me the photos.
  • You will need a webcam and Skype for testing (only if you cannot come in to the shop for in-person testing). 

Tests are NOT open book.


  Passing 11 tests will not get you a diploma. You will receive a certificate for any and all levels that you complete. However, a master level, diploma for the entire course... means that you have passed every test and all practical exams and you have received full credit for all of the homework assignments.


   A few examples of the types of things to expect a practical test:

  • Demonstrate for me a particular ritual, such as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
  • Walk through the steps of how to make a particular item, like a Witch Bottle, per the course instructions (not the way you are used to doing it)
  • Demonstrate an operational procedure, such as how to make a Spirit Offering

   You can't be too shy about your voice, as I will want to hear your vocal projection. It doesn't need to be perfect, just sincere. I will want to see the tools that you make and/or buy, things like that. I might ask you to demonstrate anything that is taught in the practical portions of the lessons.     

   Your job is to learn all the material and be ready for anything that you might be quizzed on. The test questions will be administered verbally to distance students who are taking the tests via the internet. I will ask you questions and you will answer them to the best of your ability. If your proficiency with the material is apparent, you will receive a passing grade.

   80% correct is considered a passing grade. Anything less, even a 79%, and you will have to retake the test at a later date.


   If you don't pass, then you can arrange to test again at a future time. Those who graduate with excellent scores, 90% or higher for a final, total course grade, will receive a special notice of honors on their diploma. There will be no penalty or mention for those who pass, but at lower than 90%. You only need 80% to pass. 


   All tests must be scheduled in advance, according to my availability. I will see to it that you get to test, but because of having to coordinate schedules, some patience on your part may be required here. We’ll get you taken care of, so don’t worry. 

   If you live within driving distance of Raleigh, NC you will be required to schedule an appointment, which would eliminate the need for the webcam and Skype and blindfolding.


   If you live within 1 hour (driving time, according to Google Maps, MapQuest, etc) and you have adequate transportation, then in-house testing is mandatory.

   I might make a few exceptions to this, but it's at my discretion and it's not very likely that I will cut much slack on this. It's not too much to ask, to drive 1 hour out, once or twice a month. 

    For all students of the Graduate Program, some purchases from Thaumaturgy 777 will be mandatory.

   Survey Students are NOT required to purchase anything except the price of the course itself. Graduate Program Students will be given a list of items that must be purchased for each lesson (see below for details).

    The items that will be necessary to complete the lessons are given below. So, that you already know in advance what you are going to need. This allows you ample time to budget for each lesson’s expenses.

   All purchases must be made from Thaumaturgy 777 and I have to have a record of your purchases, noted on your file. 

   So, make certain that you tell me when you order that you are a Graduate Student and you are purchasing these items for Course Credit! I will note your name, student number and your purchase in the database. 


   You might be fortunate enough to have an excellent occult shop, right down the block from you. You may already have a working relationship with them. That’s great. I believe you should support your local business owners, whenever possible, especially your local conjure shop. However, to be certain that you are doing the work of the program, I need to see that you are using the tools of the trade. The only way I can know that is if you are buying things from me. 

   Additionally, while your local shop might make fantastic stuff, they might also make crap, that a beginner thinks is great. There is no way for me to know. So, I insist you get your supplies for this course from me. More importantly, if you are financially invested in the process, you are far more likely to actually complete the assignments. 

   You’ll have a far more vested interest in actually doing the assignments if you put out money for the materials for them. Spending your own funds on spiritual supplies gives a person some genuine incentive to use them. If you know your lesson credit is riding on it, you’re more likely to use them the way they are supposed to be used for the assignments.

   For example, in Lesson 1, you are assigned to take a ritual bath.But if you purchase a bath mix from me and you write a brief, half-page report about your experience, then I can be reasonably assured that you actually took the bath

   Materials for each lesson will run you between $10 and $30, depending on your choices. For example, you might get a bath mix for $3, or you might choose to get 3, separate herbs, to make your own mix. The herbs would be more expensive, since you are getting a full ounce of each, rather than a single bath’s worth. 


   There is NO FEE for taking a test the 1st time or the 2nd time. If you fail any test, you may reschedule and take it again.  However, should you fail any test twice, you will have to schedule another appointment for the test and pay a $5 fee. 

This is merely an incentive to get you to study and pass the first time! Pass it the 1st or 2nd time and it won’t cost you anything! If you consistently fail a test, the $5 fee will multiply by a factor of 2, each time.


first attempt - FREE

second attempt - FREE

third attempt - $5

fourth attempt - $10


   This is to ensure that my time is not wasted by people taking the same test, over and over again. You can do that, if you want, but my time is valuable and my standard rate is $40-60 per hour, for most of my services. 

   After graduation from the course, you will be referred to simply as NM. This stands for Nascent Magician.  

Example: John Doe, NM

   You may use a pseudonym for this course, if you so desire. However, your real name is required for my records. I will keep your real name private, if that is your wish. You are not required to  share your legal name with any other students, if you don’t want to. I only require your full, legal name for my own records. 

   When you graduate, I will make your diploma out to whatever name you choose. But you must inform me immediately, upon acceptance as a student, of what name you will use. I still require you to share your real name, address and phone number with me, right from day one; absolutely no exceptions. 


   On our online, student community, all students will need to give their name, student number and level. Examples:

Tom, #14 - Aquarius

Susan, #25 - Taurus

Paul Johnston, #33 - Survey (example of a non-graduate student)

Mike Dobbs, #28 (brand new student)

Jane Thomas, #39, NM (already graduated)

Frater Solve Et Coagula, #56 (a student who is using a pseudonym)

Jonas Simon #5, NM (already graduated)

   Students who have not tested out of any lesson (or are Survey Students) will sign posts with their name and the lesson they are currently working through, like this:

Sarah Jones, Lesson 4

Michael Bradley, Lesson 7


   After graduation, if you wish, you will be allowed to check in with me and be noted as a “student in good standing”. You would do this no more than once, per year. What “student in good standing” means is that, not only did you complete the curriculum, but I’m also aware of what you are up to, in general. If it seems that you are actively pursuing the Great Work, then you are still, in my mind, in good standing

   If it’s obvious that you’re continuing your magickal education by reading, studying and practicing, etc, then you qualify. I don’t care what it is. You could join a coven, or an order, or start your own. You could simply be reading, practicing and growing, on a regular basis. You don’t have to do anything miraculous. Simply show a little proof that you didn’t just stop the work, after graduation. That might be as simple as showing me a few of the magick books you recently read, or telling me about your latest practice, maybe a spell you did that kicked ass. You could even tell about one that failed, providing you learned something from the experience. 

   If you choose not to do this, it does NOT invalidate your diploma! Your diploma is valid, regardless of what you do after that. But you have the added availability of checking in and getting stamped "OK” by me.

It is NOT mandatory to be a student in good standing. It’s only for students who want it. It’s not required at all, it's just a service I provide, if you want ;-) 

   You may opt out of the Graduate Program at any time. You may also join the Graduate Program at any time. Rules for the Nascent Magician course will develop as we go along. Some rules may be added and others will get ditched. One of the keys to success is to remain flexible. I can't foresee every potential problem. We will work together to develop this system.

   But once you have satisfactorily completed the course, you will be able to tell others (if you choose to) that you are a graduate of my course. If they don't believe you, then you can show them your diploma and/or they can ask me. I will gladly vouch for you, but only if I have your written permission, in advance. 

   Again, NONE of these guidelines for the Graduate Program are mandatory for Survey Students. These are the requirements only for those who want a diploma. For you intrepid individuals who step up to the challenge and successfully maneuver all the hurdles… I salute you!   

Ready to get started? 


Alright then... you can purchase the course right here:

Phone Number

Graduate Program
Required Purchases

* All purchases must be made from Thaumaturgy 777. Any price minimums must be before S&H.

Lesson 1

  • 1 roll of Three Kings Charcoal
  • Incense (loose, stick, cone or oil), a scent appropriate to the work. 

     Suggestions: Frankincense, Frankincense & Myrrh, Myrrh, Copal, Sage, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Opoponax, Rose

  • Bath Mix, 1 Bath Mix Acceptable Substitutes:
  • Herbs, 3 or more that are suitable for making their own
  • Witch Bottle Kit 
  • Book from the recommended reading list

Lesson 2


  • Tools; spend at least $10 on magickal tools

     Suggestions: Dagger, Censer, Candle Snuffer, Mortar & Pestle, Crystal Ball, Chalice, Bell, Tarot Deck, Pendulum, Wand, etc.

  • Herbs, 3 or more that are suitable for a floor wash Substitutes:
  • a Bath Mix, to use as a floor wash

Lesson 3

  • 1 bottle of Holy Water
  • Emergency Kit

Lesson 4


  • 1 Book, from the recommended reading list

Lesson 5

  • 2 or more herbs or resins
  • Candles, at least $5 worth, any kind

Lesson 6

  • 1 roll of Three Kings Charcoal; it should be time to restock. 
  • 1 T-777 Incense blend

Lesson 7


  • Tools; spend at least $10 on magickal tools

     Suggestions: Crystals/Stones/Roots, Amulets, Smudging Bowl, Statuary, Altar Cloth, Lodestone (& Lodestone Food) Pendulum, Candle Holders, etc.

Lesson 8


  • 2 different T-777 magickal oils

     Suggestions: Blessing, any planetary blend, such as Saturn or Jupiter, Clarity, Cut & Clear, New Money, etc

Lesson 9

  • 1 Uncrossing Bath Mix
  • 1 Uncrossing Incense 

Lesson 10

  • 1 T-777 Powder, any kind
  • 1 bottle of Florida Water

Lesson 11


  • 1 Book, from the recommended reading list

Lesson 12


  • Candles, at least $5 worth, any kind
  • 1 T-777 magickal oil

Purchase the Nascent Magician course here: 

Phone Number