A Full-Service, Conjure Supply House

A Full-Service, Conjure Supply House

Want to help others?



I sometimes get requests from people who need my

help but they are dead broke. When I have no other

(paying) clients, I help these people for free. I tell them

that when they get back on their feet, they can send a

donation if they want to show gratitude but I write it off in

my mind as just good karma. I enjoy helping people.

  However... the situation (namely, MY situation)

dictates that if I am to keep a roof over my head, the

electricity turned on, food in the fridge, clothes on my

back... not to mention staying stocked up on incense,

candles, herbs, etc, etc, etc. then


I simply MUST take the paying clients first.


I absolutely hate turning people away and yet, I just 

cannot help everyone who asks; it's just not feasible. 

Well, I had a thought... actually, I believe it was

implanted in my mind by a higher source, something other

than my own mind. "Start a patronage fund".


The idea is this. If you are well off, if you have

everything you need and yet, you want to help someone

else, someone who is down and out, you can be a patron

for one of these people. You can even be a patron for

several of them. It works like this. You pay me... to do work

for them.


It's just like donating to a charity and it's good karma

for you. If the person is totally comfortable, I can tell you

who they are, so you can see the before and after, so to

speak. If not, then I must respect their desire to remain

anonymous. You can insist on helping someone who is

willing to reveal their identity, if you so desire.


   You can contribute as much or as little as you like.

You can also specify what service you would like to help

some person with.


For example, you could state that you want to assist

someone for a healing or for a curse removal. Note, I will

NOT be using any of this money to help people with

non-essential goals, like becoming wealthier or finding

love. This fund will be reserved only for people who need

healing, curse removal, uncrossing, help finding a job,

etc. In short, it will be for vital needs only.


You may also be a patron to me, by stating that you

 want to provide me a grant for more tools and supplies, so

that I can continue to help others. Just send in an amount,

whatever you can do and state where you want it to go,

that is, the purpose your donation will serve... an

uncrossing for someone, tools for me, or tell me to place

the money where it will do the most good. I will gladly

show you where all the money goes. 


Most people will probably not be able to do this and

those who do, will not likely earn sainthood as a result.

But you will be helping someone who is in dire need and I

imagine that they will be eternally grateful for that  





Many donors prefer to remain anonymous, but those

who have consented to allow their names posted, are listed




Donor List



1) Roo Wildan 









I believe in what I do

but legallyI have to state this:


All products and services are

for entertainment value only.