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Desire Me! Love Drawing Tea


Size: 1 ounce


Ingredients:  Cinnamon,  Hibiscus,  Jasmine,  Lady's Mantle,  Rose Petals,  Brown Sugar,  Vervain.

This is a tea designed to attract love into your life. It has 7 herbs, painstakingly formulated and balanced to ensure both magickal potency and and great flavor. All the herbs in it are chosen because of their association with the planet Venus and their reputation for being beneficial in attracting a lover.


While I obviously cannot legally guarantee that this will work for you, it is reputed among witches that certain herbs are useful in attracting mates. 7 is the number of Venus and this tea has 7 such herbs and spices in it. I recommend that if you are looking for NEW love in your life, then you drink a cup of this every Friday morning at dawn, while reading from The Song Of Solomon in the Bible. If you want to enrich a CURRENT love in your life, then look instead at the Keep Me! Love Tea.


This tea is NOT recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. It should be perfectly safe for anyone else. Contains Sugar.

Sold as a curio only

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