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Blessed Sea Salt


Size: 1 ounce

This is Sea Salt, just like you can get at your grocery store. The only difference is that this salt has been prayed over.

I blessed it on a Saturday, while in full ceremonial regalia, with the temple officially open, right after finishing up my Golden Dawn work for the day. So, it's charged, using a prayer that I took from Eliphas Levi.

What do you do with this? Use it to make Holy Water. Or, after spiritually cleansing your home, use it to make a barrier around your home by walking the perimeter of your property, laying out a very thin line of it, while praying.

You can use it as Elemental Earth on your altar, or for cleansing your temple space by throwing a pinch of this Salt to each cardinal point, East, South, West, North.

You can also add Blessed Salt to a ritual bath, or to a floor wash to ritually cleanse your home or temple. Add a pinch to a mojo bag that is for keeping malevolent Spirits at bay. The list goes on.

Sold as a curio only

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