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Honey Granules


1 ounce

Honey is a substance deeply connected to the Sun. It's solar goodness makes it perfect for offerings to Sol, Helios or Solar Spirits of any kind. In fact, it's ideal for most Spirits of any variety.

Honey is used for countless types offerings. Honey is frequently used in love spells and any kind of conjure designed to sweeten relations. 

A few pinches of this will sweeten up any incense blend you're making and these pellets can be added to your dry tea blends, as well.

What I like best about these dry pellets is that you can add them to a mojo hand, without making it all sticky and gross. You're not supposed to ever get mojos wet, anyway. 

Sold as a curio only. However, this honey is in fact, food grade and fit for human consumption. 

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