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Aries Oil - Premium Blend


Size: 1/2 ounce bottle

This is an oil with 5 herbs and essential oils that correspond to the Zodiacal Sign of Aries: Allspice, Cinnamon and more. Use this to dress candles or petition papers when working with the energies of Aries.

This is the Premium Blend version of the oil, meaning that this batch was created on a potent election, involving Sol in the sign of Aries. I chose a time when Mars was also well-aspected and executed the operation in an hour of Mars, when the Moon was waxing and in aspect to Mars. This is because Mars rules over the sign of Aries. 

It was then brought into the Temple where Aries was invoked, from the Highest Divine Name of Geburah, which is Elohim Gibor, down to the Spirit Bartzabel and the Salamanders. The entities of Mars were called into the Temple and asked to empower this oil.

The power of the Ram was invoked, via the Aries Archangel, Malkhidael. An offering of food and drink and fire and incense were offered to the Spirits in thanks for their cooperation.

Aries is the sign that starts the magickal year. It reigns from March 21st (the vernal equinox) to April 20th.

Aries is ruled by Mars, who presides over sex, war, sports and competition in general. Aries is a very self-confident sign, initiating, enthusiastic and competetive. 

Anoint yourself with this oil or dress any object with it to align to the energies of Aries. If you are an Aries, then you would dress an astral candle with this oil. 

The Qabalistic number of Mars, who rules Aries, is 5. Therefore, I use 5 ingredients in Aries oils, incenses, baths, etc.

This oil may irritate sensitive skin. Do not ingest. 

For external use only.  Sold as a curio only.

Be sure to read my article How To Use Magickal Oils , on the Free Magick Lessons page.

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