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Cut and Clear Oil


Size: 1/2 ounce

Cut & Clear is used when an unhealthy relationship needs to be severed or when you are trying to get over someone.

Use this if you are going through a breakup, by anointing yourself and dressing candles with it. If you have been obsessing over someone, Cut & Clear may help you be done with it, once and for all. Obviously, counseling, coaching and accountability to an outside party are highly recommended, in tandem. Always hit problems from all angles, not just the magcikal end of it. 

While Cut & Clear is primarily used for relationship issues, sometimes it can be used to clear out a bad habit or some situation that you have been holding on to.

Do not ingest. Sold as a curio. External use only.

Be sure to read my article How To Use Magickal Oils , on the Free Magick Lessons page. 

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