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Earth Oil


Size: 1/2 ounce bottle

Seeking to capture the true essence of each magickal Element, through one the standard mediums of sorcery, the conjure oil, The Element Series now offers up an outstanding oil of Elemental Earth.

We have here Earth of Water.  A liquid base of mineral oil, we have Water carrying within itself, a concoction of four bits of Earth  materia . These herbs, roots and resins are all reputed to align nicely with the essence of the Earth realm. 

Since there are four, classical Elements (Spirit being an alchemical perfection of the other four), there are four ingredients for each of the formulas in The Element Series

Elemental Earth is the realm of our bodies, anything we can own, the sex life and anything to do with money. Here, you can learn the powers of stones, herbs, roots, flowers, Earth Spirits and more.

Hinting at whiffs of the vegetation you find around farms, old watering holes and mountain pastures, the fragrance of this oil is certain to plug you straight into the astral realm of Elemental Earth.

The carefully chosen herbs and roots used in this formula are all strongly associated with Elemental Earth. Corresponding with heavy Saturn,  in Virgo, the sign of mutable Earth, Patchouli is an important ingredient of this blend.

Patchouli is regarded among sorcerers as a twisting herb, meaning that if used alone, it has a sort of mind of its own, tending to wander in any way it chooses. It becomes highly important for this reason, to blend it carefully with other, benevolent forces.

The Spirits of the other three, plant ingredients are strong guides, capable of keeping the Spirit of the Patchouli plant on its proper course, harnessing and grounding the magickal intention which you assign to it. 

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