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Air Oil


Size: 1/2 ounce bottle

Capture the essence of Elemental Air, in a conjure oil. The Element Series raises this delightful scent for your enjoyment and ritual edification.

We have here the mysteries that are the  Air of Water . A liquid base of mineral oil, carrying four flavors of Air materia, herbs, roots and resins aligned with the realm of Air.

Qabalistically, it the realm of Yetzirah, the sephirah Yesod, the astral plane and the sphere of Lavanah, Luna, the Moon.

Elemental Air rules over the conscious mind, conceptual thinking and logical reasoning, ordered processes, as opposed to instinctual ones.

Raising the mind to thoughts of high hilltops and vistas, this oil of Air is a collection of distant, scent memories, the smells of things that have been blown in on the breeze from the next valley.

Plug yourself straight into the astral realm by using this oil on your third eye or on candle charged for the purpose of astral travel.

All the ingredients are associated directly with Elemental Air. Among them are Benzoin and Bergamot.

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