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Water Oil


Size: 1/2 ounce bottle

Elemental Water, in a conjure oil. Washing in with the cosmic tide, The Element Series  brings you a way to harness the power of the unconscious mind, the emotions and all the hidden keys of the Spirits of the Water plane.

Call it Water of Water,  a liquid... mineral oil, carrying four Water herbs, roots and resins aligned with the realm of Water. Qabalistically, it's the realm of Briah, the creative plane. Here dwelleth the muse of the artist and the consoling power of the therapist, pure feeling, dunked into the baptismal tub of Neptune. 

Elemental Water rules over the unconscious mind, thinking that is based more on feeling than on logic, impulsive action and the nurturing instincts.

Diving deep down, to the bottom of the mind pool, we smell the things of the past, like meals cooked for us by loved ones, the scent of your childhood pets and the way the smell of that favorite blanket made you feel safe.

Plumb the depths of your deeper self or program a talisman to bring out specific feelings (or perhaps to eliminate them).

Dress blue candles with this oil, to invoke or offer to the entities of Water, be they planetary, zodiacal, or  the Spirits of the  rivers, oceans and streams. 

All the ingredients are associated directly with Elemental Water. Spearmint and Myrtle and other magica materia, pooling together and settling into this excellent formula. May it set your Elemental magicks upon a new course!

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